Every year there are over 7 million tons of litter dumped into the ocean. With the ocean being our main provider, its important that we take care of our provider so it can continue to take care of us.

There are many ways to inspire someone to stop littering. But guilt is not one of them. Rather than guilting someone for littering, we aim to inspire them to Stop Littering Today. 

Our mission at Stop Littering Today is to bring awareness to litter prevention in a bright yet impactful way. Our first campaign is our "Stop Littering Today" stickers. The more people that see the sticker, the higher the chance of its message sticking with someone. Aside from our stickers, we consistently implement our creativity on social media to spread awareness of litter prevention on a massive scale; reaching all generations & ethnicities. 

We are not a 501(C) (3)non-profit, yet we are determined to accomplish our mission. But we need your support. Our vision is to turn litter prevention mainstream across the country. With your support we will accomplish our vision; seeing a cleaner world & brighter future.